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What is Whim?

Whim is an app that tells you everything you need to know about today in your city.

Our local reporters work within your community to inform and inspire you on a daily basis across various local topics. Whether it be local news, events, live music, pop-up shops, food trucks, farmers markets, local fashion tips, fitness activities, or anything else going on in your city, with Whim, you are the first to know.

On Whim, you can see what everyone in your city is talking about and receive real-time updates of what’s happening nearby. You will be informed on local topics happening right now and be inspired to discover everything that your city has to offer, curated by our local reporters. You can learn, discover, and truly become a part of the community by joining the conversation happening on Whim and staying up to date with what your neighbors are talking about.


How do I become a Whim reporter?

Become a paid creator who generates real-time updates for your city.

In order to provide you with the most relevant reports of what’s happening in your city, we only invite those with a proven passion and audience. We start out by hand-picking socially-engaged local personalities who are experts in their field of news, lifestyle, or food & beverage. Once we’ve built out a small team of a few local experts, we encourage our reporters to invite others in their network to join us on Whim and help filter and curate the flow of information and inspiration through their own eyes, experiences, and perspectives. The top five Whim reporters in each city are included in a creator fund every month and awarded a percentage according to their metrics and engagement from Whim users. So the more amazing and engaging content you produce, the more you are seen by our users, and the more you get paid at the end of the month! Interested? You can apply to become a reporter here.


What if I just want to browse?

You can!

Are you new to the area and want to know what’s going on nearby? Our local reporters provide you with curated local news, lifestyle, and food and beverage tips. Discover live reports from events that are actually worth going to and deals and discounts that only locals know about. Experience the city like locals do, just by scrolling through the feed.


When will Whim be available in my city?

We plan to bring Whim to other cities in the Southeast very soon.

We’re working hard to bring Whim to other cities in the Southeast, after the successful rollout of our first reporter-driven model. Whim is currently live in Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC, New York, NY, and is coming soon to Nashville, TN. If you really want Whim to come to your city soon, please email local@whim.social to let us know!


Can I advertise my business on Whim?

Why, yes. You can.

Our advertising options can be found here. We would love to work with you to develop compelling content to advertise your business on Whim and across our social media channels.