We’re connecting you with what’s happening nearby



What is Whim?

See what’s happening around you in real time.

Whim provides you with a view of everything happening nearby on a map so you can explore your neighborhood. Whether it be local events, live music, pop-up shops, food trucks, farmer’s markets, drive-in theaters, outdoor events in the park, outdoor fitness classes, or anything else going on in your city - with Whim, you will be the first to know.

On Whim, you can be a storyteller, share hidden gems, your favorite restaurants, and your go-tos with locals! With Whim you have the space to create, share, and enjoy all of the happenings in your area, support your favorite local businesses, find some new local favorites, and be the insider of your city!


What is the Street Team? How can I join?

Become a paid creator who generates real-time updates for your city.

As one of Whim’s first creators, we want to celebrate and encourage you to keep supporting local businesses in your community with a weekly payment according to the level of partnership you wish to have with Whim along with your daily lifestyle.

As a Street Team member, you also have a say in the features we are building at Whim. It’s your responsibility to report bugs, request new features, and report anything getting in the way of having a great user experience.

Step 1

Choose between 3 different levels of partnership based on what works for your lifestyle

Tier 1: Post at least 7x weekly

Tier 2: Post at least 4x weekly

Tier 3: Post at least 2x weekly

Step 2

Fill out the Street Team Application form HERE

We will get back to you within one week to help get you set up and kick off your new role as one of Whim’s STAR creators!

Currently, we are accepting Street Team members in Charleston, SC and Charlotte, NC only.


What are the business benefits of partnering with Whim?

We want to connect your business with customers who are nearby.

Whim allows you and your customers to broadcast the things happening at your business today to the entire city, which keeps people coming through the door. Not only is it free to partner with Whim, we go above and beyond by featuring your business in our social advertisement campaigns, providing you with signage encouraging customers to follow and post to your business profile, and working together to hold events and discounts to benefit both parties!

Our partners


I am a business owner, how can I create or claim my business profile?

See what people are posting at your business today.

If you are a business owner, there is a chance that your business already has a profile on Whim, which means people have already been posting to your business! Download ‘Whim Social’ from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and search for your business name under the search icon at the top of the map (home) screen.

If your business already has a profile:
After searching for your business, select your business profile and select “Claim This Business.”

If your business does not have a profile:
Email local@whim.social to link your business location to your profile.

For more information on how to create and share posts on your business check our Business Creator Guide HERE.


How has COVID-19 affected Whim?

The safety of our users is our top priority!

COVID-19 has affected every one of us, changing how we live in ways we never could have anticipated.

At Whim we believe we all share the same feeling… we miss getting out, and we encourage our users to promote that through sharing content that anyone can enjoy, safely. This is where our “Covid-19” search filter comes in, helping you avoid long lines and crowds.

Do your part in helping your neighbors stay safe by reporting live info nearby.