8 Quiet Spots to Get Work Done in Charleston

Whether you were born into the “work from home” life or the pandemic had you make some changes, we’ve all had to find ways to get creative with how we get things done outside of the office. As a full-time student at the College of Charleston with a part-time remote job, my laptop has become my life and I’m getting a little sick of my bedroom doubling as my office or classroom, and I’ve got a feeling you’re starting to feel the same way. But don’t fret my friend, because we are getting out of the house and heading to some of the best local coffee shops, quiet parks perfect for your wifi hotspot, and hidden gems in Charleston to get that work done! Scroll on through for some of my tried-and-true spots, and check out my list on the Whim app, “Quiet Spots to Get Work Done in Charleston” for my personal favorites, updated regularly!

Image courtesy of Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer

Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer

If you’re a student at the College of Charleston, you’ve probably heard of Kudu, one of students most loved study spots in the city. Located right off campus on the corner of Vanderhorst and King St, Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer is just one of those amazing coffee shops you can enjoy at any time of the day. My go-to order is an iced cold brew with almond milk and a pecan coffee cake muffin or a hot chicken and fontina sandwich! Out of all of the coffee shops in this list, Kudu is probably going to be the busiest, as it’s just that good. Kudu is open until 9pm every day of the week, making it the perfect place to load up on caffeine and have a late night working session. They do not offer free WiFi, however, so don't forget to bring your hotspot! With indoor seating and a gorgeous patio with lots of tables to sit down and set up shop, you can easily get lost in the zone here and crank out all of those overdue assignments. Don’t forget to treat yourself with a yummy craft beer on tap after all your hard work!

Marion Square

From walking around downtown this summer, you’ve probably seen college students out tanning or having fun in Marion Square. Now that fall is around the corner, students are switching out their bathing suits and spikeball nets for laptops and WiFi hotspots. Marion Square is a great place for you to bring your office or classroom outdoors as there’s a ton of space to find a quiet spot out in the sun or under the shade of the trees with beautiful views of the Old Citadel.

Image courtesy of Black Magic Cafe

Black Magic Cafe

If you’ve ever had the feeling where all coffee shops give off the same cool, sophisticated vibe, you’ve probably never been to Black Magic Cafe, where things are a little… funky. With crazy coffee flavors, fruity cocktails, and an extensive breakfast and lunch menu, Black Magic Cafe is the perfect spot for a productive afternoon or a lively lunch out with friends. The cafe offers free WiFi, indoor and outdoor seating, and the hippie-healthy-colorful vibe that keeps me coming back almost every week. Next time you visit, try out my personal favorites; the PB&J latte and the Angel Oak sandwich!

Image courtesy of Caviar & Bananas

Caviar & Bananas

When I first moved to Charleston a couple years back, Caviar & Bananas was one of the first local spots I frequented, and that still hasn’t changed to this day. Aside from being my #1 study spot, what makes Caviar & Bananas different from other coffee shops is that it’s a great place to grab a quick bite to eat on-the-go or to pick up some freshly made dishes and sides to keep at home. The shop offers free WiFi, indoor and outdoor seating, a great selection of yummy sandwiches, delicious coffee and tea, and friendly leashed dogs are allowed. Caviar & Bananas is located on the edge of the College of Charleston campus and right off King St, making it the perfect place to swing by to pick up some snacks, or to stop in for one of those last-minute study sessions. 

Image courtesy of Ding Tea Ha Long Cafe

Ding Tea Ha Long Cafe

For all my bubble tea lovers out there, let me introduce you to your new best friend, Ding Tea Ha Long Cafe. Located on Meeting St right around the corner from TD Arena, Ding Tea is an authentic Taiwanese and Vietnamese cafe with all the fix-ins for a productive (and yummy) afternoon. Ding Tea Ha Long Cafe offers free WiFi, indoor and outdoor seating, an extensive selection of bubble teas and toppings, and delicious plates including the best pho in town. This cafe is where I go most often when switching up my work environment, as it’s rarely ever packed and I can always find my perfect place off in a corner to enjoy my favorite foods while getting things done. My go-to is the honey green tea with aloe vera and coconut jelly, and a big bowl of pho!

Image courtesy of CofC Today

Stern Student Center

I’m a little hesitant to reveal my favorite spot on campus, but since we’re all in the same boat trying to figure out how to balance work life post-pandemic, let me introduce you to this hidden gem on the College of Charleston campus, located behind the Stern Center. What I love most about this hidden spot that no other place in Charleston has (or so I’ve seen), is the turtle pond! I mean come on, who wouldn’t love to watch turtles sunbathe on the rocks while in the middle of an overly-long Zoom meeting? Aside from the turtles, the space is very beautiful with tons of greenery and lots of picnic tables and space to set up a blanket on the grass to work or study for that first exam. I also bring my dog here pretty often to study with me, or to hang out and get free pets from college students!

Image courtesy of Second State Coffee

Second State Coffee

Whenever you have a big presentation coming up or you’ve procrastinated too long and need a place to work with almost no distractions, Second State Coffee is going to be your saving grace. Located at 70 Beaufain St, Second State is a serene, low-key shop with delicious coffee and baked goods. The seating here is small, with multiple 1-2 person tables, a long bar with stools, and a large community table for patrons to enjoy. I love Second State for those early mornings and/or working afternoons because of all the beautiful natural light in the space, and with how quiet it is inside, almost like a co-working space! 

Image courtesy of CofC Today

Rivers Green

For all my fellow college students, Rivers Green is your best friend when it comes to outdoor study spots with free WiFi that are close to home. Bring a blanket or jacket to sit on the grass or try to grab one of the few tables to set up shop, connect to either the College of Charleston WiFi or your hotspot, and get working! Rivers Green is a perfect place to put in some headphones and work alone, or to meet up with other students and build study groups. One of my favorite things to do when the weather is in my favor is to head over to Caviar & Bananas to pick up an iced coffee and a sandwich, and walk a couple blocks over to Rivers Green to meet up with a friend and knock some assignments off our to-do list!

P.S. If you like what you've seen here, head over to the Whim app and check out my curated list, "Quiet Spots for Productivity" for even more local spots for studying around town! Aside from that, I also share tips on lifestyle, news, and food & beverage as a college student and dog-mom living in Charleston.

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